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Sanjana and Srikaanth Wedding

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Thrissur

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Sanjana and Srikaanth Wedding

“A happy wedding could be a new starting of life, A new place to begin for happiness and usefulness. A productive wedding needs falling soft on again and again, continuously with the same person.”

We, the Talking Pictures team witnessed a Hindu Tamil wedding of the lovely couple Sanjana and Srikaanth. On the wedding day, early morning Thalikettu was at Guruvayoor temple, which is considered the most revered and popular pilgrimage wedding destination in Kerala. It is believed that if the wedding is within the presence of the Lord Sree Krishna Bhagavan the splendor of connection hands can continuously stay in their heart. We experienced a blessed moment once our camera centered on the faces of the gorgeous couple.

Sanjana and Srikaanth Wedding

Sanjana was wearing a Kerala Saree that looked perfect for a Hindu wedding and Srikaanth wore a white shirt and mundu. Both of them looked heavenly couple. We were lucky enough to capture amazing shots at the Guruvayoor premises. Sanjana and Srikaanth had a heap of fun at their wedding assemblage. They every had equal convenient-going, optimistic and pleasurable attitudes. It had been joyful to work with them. The bride and groom appeared refulgent in natural attire. Sanjana looked stunning in her silk bridal saree with gold stamping whereas Srikaanth looked handsome in his white shirt.


A day, full of pleasure and happiness. The union between the families and companions commented a happy celebration of get-together. A day foremost for a period. As you mix your lives at the side of every. As you blend your lives together with each other, we the Talking Pictures Wedding Photographers Thrissur team wish you a happy married life full of romance, cuddling, and lifetime happiness.

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