Talking Pictures Events is a full-service Photography & event management firm based in Kerala, that was created by pairing together our passion for Events and Photography.

Life becomes meaningful when we have wonderful memories to cherish. Memories that can be captured by the lens of a camera or by our hearts, Talking pictures is there to help create such moments that will remain forever etched in the hearts of many.

Be it big or small, Talking pictures can cover the length and breadth of an event to make it spectacular and memorable. Our team focuses on creativity that is aided by the latest there is in technology.

We can cater to unequivocal expertise to the hip and happening trends as well as age-old traditions. Our professional crew adds a dab of panache to any event and can handle any contingency that inevitably crops up in these scenarios.

Trust Talking pictures to weave its magic on any event of your choice. Together we can bring out win-win situations for every occasion that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces.

Welcome to the reputed event management team of the cultural capital of Kerala.

A wedding is where two lives are joined in the obligation of the heavenly marriage. It’s an occasion where two people are united to disentangle another section of their lives. It’s an event of life where two individuals are bound to progress toward becoming perfect partners forever. Vowing to share, care and regard one another and to lead a life as one together, until the end of time. Additionally, it happens to be an extraordinary event that is held in most elevated regard by individuals, social orders and societies all over the world.

We approach every project with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive precision. Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event like a business with clear strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and on budget. At Talking pictures Events, we put your organization first. We learn about your business, we focus on your challenges, and we plan events to support your goals.

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