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Guruvayur Wedding Photographers

They walked into a new life according to Hindu custom and through the harmony of minds.  It was witnessed by Guruvayur Temple and their beautiful moment was traditionally captured by Guruvayur Wedding Photography Talking Pictures in Kerala.

In traditional Hindu marriages, the bride and groom’s hands are symbolically held over a fire to illustrate the couple’s commitment to one another, and the groom allows the bride to proceed with him in a ceremonial procession around the fire. At each step, promises are made by each to the other. The primary witness of a Hindu marriage is the Agni, in the presence of family and friends. The rituals of a Hindu wedding vary by region and community, it’s also known as ‘vivaha’ but three key Vedic yajna ceremonies are universal: Kanyadan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi.


The pre-wedding was held at the Kunnathur Mana Heritage Resort in Guruvayur. Traditional snapshots and videos were taken. Kunnathur mana is an Ayurveda heritage resort. It is one of the ancestral homes in Kerala, having a history of so many decades. It was situated very close to the ‘Eliyangad palace’. The resort has a scenic atmosphere.  Kerala pre Wedding Photographers capture traditional buildings with flowers and trees, exhibiting Hindu legends at every corner and all the beauty of the four-tiered pond hanging in the greenery. Similarly, It’s all about the bride and groom’s love for each other, especially the snapshots that adorn the lights. Every shot was great and it was like a great pair to see them Made for each other.

Vinod from Pattambi.  The groom’s family is the father, mother, brother, sister-in-law, and children. and Shilpa from Guruvayur .her family is the father, mother, and younger sister. Every moment of their happy family was captured on camera by Hindu wedding photographers in Kerala. Through their photographs, you can see the love, care, protection, joy, and excitement.

On the morning of the wedding day, the bride and groom wore a “sett sari and shirt mundu”, which became a classic look style. Their solo candid pictures have been made into very beautiful and excellent pictures.  So they witnessed God on the way to Guruvayur temple and got married wearing garlands and their relatives joined in. The marriage was consummated by performing many rituals. A Vedic sage emphasized that the basis of a happy and fulfilling married life is the presence of unity, intimacy, and love between a husband and wife physically, mentally, and spiritually. Hence the wife is considered to be the Ardhangani of the husband as per Hindu tradition. Marriage is not for self-indulgence but is considered to be a life-long social and spiritual responsibility. Married life is considered an opportunity for two people to grow as life partners into soulmates.

Couple Photography

Relatives and friends gather to bless the bride and groom at the Namas International Convention Center, Guruvayur- Althara. It was a beautiful hall with beautiful red flowers, a sculpture of God, a chandelier, a paddy chandelier, and a yellow light. There they again exchanged garlands and performed Hindu rituals to bless the bride and groom.  The Guruvayur Wedding Photographers captured the beautiful smiles of the couple and each of them captured the beautiful necklace and bouquet of the gorgeous bride and groom in a red sari with flowers. Copied pictures of different poses with family, siblings, and friends.

The bride was taken to the groom’s house and the ceremony was performed by the family members.  The bride went home with her right foot on the chandelier.  The family welcomed the bride and groom and provided delicious food.  Those frames with the happy family were very special.  Talking pictures Guruvayur photography All the pictures are copied in their own feature and their different themes add more color to the event.

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