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Event management services in Thrissur

Event management companies in Thrissur
Talking pictures is one of the top wedding planners in Thrissur for any format and any budget ! for any format and any price range! We design, customize and arrange a range of typical and contemporary weddings in Thrissur and Guruvayur and other locations of Kerala. The foremost traditional faith that “Marriages are made in Heaven” and additionally considering Marriage to be the vital moment in an individual’s life, Talking pictures  Events is there to create that Paradise and make it the most unforgettable cherishing moment in the existence of the Couple. 

Var Mala: This potential the groom is taken to the scaffold where he showered with flowers from the bride’s side, and the groom’s family saves him with their shield this a kind of traditional, then the bride goes round the groom circling the groom four times. As quickly as, the groom and bride change garlands or “var mala” signifying their acceptance of each other as husband and wife. The grooms, mom places kajal and performs Arti to ward off evil spirits to whole the ceremony, this custom denotes the originality of the main wedding ceremony. The groom’s dhoti or kurta is then tied to the bride’s saree denoting that they are in sacred wedlock. The groom and the bride then take seven circles called “phere”, taking seven vows to show that they have entered in matrimony.

Muslim Wedding Event Planner in Thrissur

The marriage in Muslims strictly needs that no two people ought to be pressured into wedlock. The Nikah takes location in the presence of a Maulvi who reads verses from the Quran and asks for the inspiration (from the aspect of the groom) and acceptance (from the bride’s side). Ijab-e-Qubul additionally entails the acceptance from the bride concerning the quantity of dowry, which has been pre-decided., in front of two witnesses.
A typical Muslim wedding ceremony is celebrated with amazing grandeur over a period of five days and can be held at either the bride’s or the groom’s vicinity or elsewhere.
Christian  Wedding Planner in Thrissur 

Christian weddings also follow certain rituals and customs, accordingly. Christian weddings could be with or without a ‘mass’. But preferably people opt for weddings in the presence of holy mass for some extra blessings to their marriage. Pre-Rituals, Rituals Arrival at the Church: As tradition goes the groom first reaches the church and then waits for fo the bride to arrive. When the bride arrives at the church, the best man welcomes her with a kiss and a wedding bouquet.

Then the priest escorts the couple into the Church, and the choir welcomes the bride and the groom with a special song, as they walk towards the altar to begin the ceremony.


The Wedding Mass: The ceremony begins. The Priest begins by welcoming the bride and groom into the Church and proffers them his good wishes. The choir begins with a song, and thereafter the bridesmaid(the maid of honor) and an elder from either party read the Word of God from the holy (Bible). Later, the priest delivers the sermon, where he explains the sanctity of marriage.

The Nuptials: During the nuptials, the couple is in the presence of the priest and the witnesses ask the couple whether they have come together to marry in their own free will or not. The couple has to answer honestly and maintain the sanctity of the church.

The Solemn Promise: Here the couple is asked to read the vows they have for each other, and then traditionally they have to follow according to the guidance of the Priest. Then the couple is asked to join their right hand, which symbolizes union. The individual repeats the following after the priest, With the deepest joy, I receive you into my life that together we may be one. As is Christ to His body, the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband.

Exchange of Rings: Holy Water given on the joined hands for blessing by the priest and also to the rings so that the couple that wears them will live happily ever after and should have faith in each other, do the Lord’s will and always live together in peace, goodwill, and love. Then the couple put them on each other’s fingers with these words – ‘With this ring, I wed thee, in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen”. Then the groom lifts the veil of the bride and kisses her, to symbolize that they are one in holy matrimony.


Prayer Service: The mass proceeds with the prayers of the faithful, petitions for blessings on the couple, and the offertory procession takes place, where the members of the family offer, candles, flowers, fruits, Bible and rosaries that are symbolic of a happy married life, the priest blesses them, and the wine and water is carried by the bride and groom to the altar which symbolizes the body and blood of Christ, the priest blesses the couple. The Priest then precedes with the Holy Mass and the final part of the Mass the Holy Communion, followed by the last blessing. Nuptial Blessing and the Recessional: The Priest then blesses the couple, and asks them to sign the register, which provides as a valid legal document of marriage. A copy of this document is sent to the Registrar of Marriages. The couple then walks down the aisle as husband and wife, as the Wedding March is played, after that, they meet and greet family remembers and pose for a photo session at the altar.


Reception: The post-wedding ceremony is celebrated with relatives, friends, and colleagues are invited to a grand gathering. The newly wedded couple cut wedding cake and feed each a bite of the first slice. In honor of the newly-weds, the Toastmaster proposes a toast. The bride and groom get time for their ‘first dance’. Then the traditional Wedding March is played by the hosted Band, and then the Bride & the groom have their first dance as husband and wife, and the rest follow. After that, the well-wishers meet and greet the couple, and then dinner is served. The last but not least ceremony of the evening is the throwing away of the bouquet. The girl who gets it will be the first to marry, according to the belief.

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