Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Guruvayur

Kerala Pre-Wedding Photographers

Manoj and Shilpa’s pre-wedding shoot was held at the Kunnathur Mana Heritage Resort in Guruvayur. Traditional snapshots and videos were taken. Kunnathur mana is an Ayurveda heritage resort. It is one of the ancestral homes in Kerala, having a history of so many decades. It was situated very close to the ‘Eliyangad palace’. The resort has a scenic atmosphere. Kerala Pre Wedding Photographers in Guruvayur have produced an amazing save-the-date video. Manoj from Pattambi and Shilpa from Guruvayur. are wearing traditional outlets. This video is taken like romantic movie songs, The background of the frame was in a traditional way. The shoot was full of lamps lit in the four knots of the resort.

The photographers executed each shot perfectly.  First, the script for the video was made.  The style of taking each shot, the position of the bride and groom, the pose, the position of the camera, and how to set the background, all worked through that. Every shot, starting, and ending scene is taken with great planning.  The collective actions and thoughts provided an excellent video.  The frames are taken in unique beauty.  The feelings of the bride and groom are captured like that.

The video begins with Shilpa opening the Ramayana by bowing to it. A picture of Manoj while turning each page.  The image was on a special page that read Sita Swayamvaram.  It’s all clearly done in the frames.  Shilpa took it and looked back and forth and Manoj appeared like a dream. Both look romantically at each other through the lights. Many pictures of the groom were hung there and Their smiles and faces are bright with lights. Both of them dance holding hands and looking up, their names and wedding dates appear in the frame. Guruvayur’s pre-wedding photographers brought that originality without leaving anything and took shots from many angles.


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