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Kerala Wedding Photographers – Hindu Wedding in Guruvayoor

Guruvayoor Temple Wedding

The day women look most beautiful is her wedding day. A smile can be seen on her face for the full day. The day she starts a new life with the man she dreamt of. This is the celebration of the wedding function of Anagha. Our beautiful bride getting married to Ajith, her Groom. The Bride and her family are on immense pleasure on the wedding day.

The function starts at the bride’s place. We planned to start the shoot at 6.00 ‘O’ clock. Our crew reached the bride’s place by 5:45 am, we begin the shoot by 6:15. The makeup artist only finished by that time. The time the makeup artist took was worth it. Our bride was coming out wearing traditional wedding saree, with all her ornament put on and a beautiful smile on her face. She was looking so pretty on her wedding dress. We had only less time left for the shoot, we had to arrive at Guruvayoor temple for the wedding at 7:00 am. We finished our shoot within 10 minutes. It was so easy for us to shoot wedding photography. We covered 80% of the ceremony as candid. After the Thalikettu function, we had a few time left for a couple shoot in the Guruvayoor temple. Some of the photos were taken with the help of the temple pigeons. We kept some bait for them to come to the floor and made them fly for getting a better picture of theirs.

Hindu Wedding Photography in Guruvayoor


After the wedding function at the Guruvayoor temple, the feast and other functions were planned at the Poonthanam auditorium which is near to the Guruvayoor temple. The bride changed her dress to a Purple wedding saree in which she was looking prettier than ever. The entry of the bride and groom to the platform was by spotting them with the spotlight. Later the ceremonies left was conducted at Poonthanam auditorium. By 1:00 pm the function at the auditorium was over and it was to go to the groom’s house. We had some couple shoots at the groom’s place and we winded up the wedding function by 2:00 pm. Anagha and Ajith, a beautiful and happy couple starting their life together, promising each other that they will hold on any situations that they have to face in their future. We the talking pictures returned them by wishing a happy married life.

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