For native custom channels, Pearl supports live video combination (also referred to as live video switching) whereas you’re capturing, streaming and recording. Video combination may be a good way to form dynamic content for your viewers and recordings. With Pearl, switch happens in but 0.5 a second This means you’ll begin your stream with a video supply showing a count, move to a single-camera read, then switch between multiple cameras or multiple layouts with over one supply, and finish once more with a thanks message for attendees. (Layout switches created in your channel square measure mirrored in each the live stream and recording. ) What Is an associate All-In-One Ab Mixer? An all-in-one Ab mixer combines the dual functions of audio combination and video switch in one complete device. This Ab mixer usually has enough input ports to attach your cameras, mics, and secondary sources. Without associate all-in-one Ab mixer, you may like a minimum of 2 separate combination devices to film a live event. that might create your job that way more troublesome, particularly once you have to be compelled to record and live stream identical feed moreover. A mixer that brings of these functions along reduces the number of labor you may do, moreover because of the instrumentation you’ve got to shop for and haul around. Our decide goes many steps any and adds capabilities for each SD and HDMI input Touchscreen preview monitor management * USB port for live streaming and recording. Output scaling, that permits you to convert SD input to HDMI, We are provided Multi-camera live event shoot and live video mixing works in Thrissur and Ernakulam

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