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Talking Pictures, a Thrissur-based wedding photography company, captured Deepu and Anjana’s wedding ceremony beautifully through their cameras. We capture every shot with precision and value.

The groom is from Kollam. Groom’s family consists of a father, mother, and sister. All the good moments with them were captured by Talking Pictures Wedding Photographers in Thrissur.

The video starts with the groom’s entry. The groom wears a traditional white mundu and shirt. All the pictures of the groom standing from various angles were perfect classy-looking shots. The wedding photographers in Thrissur captured the groom’s stylish walk, cheerful smile, loving moments with his family, and the ceremony where the groom gives Dakshina and takes blessings.

Couple Wedding

The bride is a native of Thrissur. The bride’s family consists of father, mother, and siblings. A smiling bride in a white setsuzari is caught on camera. Later, the groom reached Vadakkunnathan temple in Thrissur and joined. This is where the thaliket of the bride and groom is performed. It is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the city of Thrissur, Kerala, India. This temple is like the rest of Kerala. The temples are anchored in their architectural style by four massive gopurams. Mural paintings depicting the Mahabharata story appear on the walls inside this temple. Cameras have been captured all around the temple. It was a much nicer atmosphere.

The bride and groom entered the wedding ceremony. They spread the thali in the presence of God and exchanged garlands and entered into a new married life. Family members and friends witnessed these happy moments.

Talking Pictures photographers in Thrissur have captured the romantic looks of the bride and groom in various poses, their smiles, and their short moments together in the glorious nature of the temple and their talks and wishes in the videos made it even more interesting.

Relatives and friends gather to bless the bride and groom at the Kausthubham Auditorium in Thrissur. It was a beautiful hall with beautiful red roses and flowers, a sculpture of God, a chandelier, a paddy, and yellow lights. It adds color to all kinds of pictures. Talking Pictures Wedding photographers are very good at it.

Couple Photography

The bride’s family greeted the groom with bouquets of flowers.  The groom entered the hall and bowed to everyone.  The bride walked slowly and sat down in the mandapam.  Then the relatives performed the wedding ceremony step by step and shared the moments with them the cameras.

Prepare to take the bride to the groom’s house.  The bride said goodbye to her relatives and went to the car.  After reaching home, the bride was warmly received by her family. Both of them changed their clothes and appeared in the cameras with their new look. They showed their happiness by cutting the cake.

Wedding photographers in Thrissur have masterfully captured more stunning and romantic couple pictures and shots. The beginning of their life’s journey was magnified by Talking Pictures cameras.

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