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Wedding Photographer Thrissur and Guruvayoor

Through the marriage of Dr. Sreekumar and Dr. Sreelakshmi, their lifestyles have come together. The first step of their life has been made grand by Talking Pictures Wedding Photographers in Thrissur.  The cameras captured those sweet moments without leaving anything out.

Their Thalikett took place at the Guruvayur temple. Guruvayur Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Lord Guruvayurappan, located in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India. It is considered one of the most important places of worship for Hindus in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The video starts from this temple. In the good divine atmosphere of dawn. Both of them joined hands and went to God’s presence, tied tali, and put flower garlands on each other. Family members and the couple were engrossed in prayer and offered Pratishnam with their hands clasped around the chandelier. The two of them, filled with joy, walked along the snowy path with street lights, telling stories and cute smiling. All these shots were fantastic.

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The frequent conversations, jokes, and wishes of the family members brought more originality to the video. Also, the pre-wedding shots of the newlyweds at the resort near the waterfall were awesome.  Wedding Photographers in Thrissur captured the entire romantic feeling between them through those shots.

Relatives and friends gathered at Thrissur Thiruvampadi Convention Center to bless the bride and groom.  A beautiful hall decorated with red roses and jasmine flowers, every aspect of it has been meticulously and beautifully captured by the most expert wedding photographers in Thrissur. The mandapam is decorated with God’s sculpture, a chandelier, rice grains, and yellow lamps.  Every picture taken there had a beautiful background.

Fun conversations between family members gave the groom a great entry by saying things about the groom.  Shots of getting out of the car looking very massy.  The moment the bride and groom meet, the family members bring taalas to the mandapam to welcome them and bless them.

Then the relatives performed the Hindu marriage ceremony step by step.  Gifts and sweets were given to the bride and groom.  Friends, relatives, and actor I G Ravi all wished her well.  Everyone shared their happy moments on camera.

Prepare to take the bride to the groom’s house. The bride said goodbye to her relatives and went to the car. After reaching home, the bride was warmly received by her family and performed the ceremony. Holding the chandelier, the bride went home with her right foot. Those frames with the happy family were very special.

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The bride and groom changed into another classy look for their reception event.  The groom wore a black coat and suit and the bride wore a maroon frock. They went to the Casino auditorium in Thrissur.  It creates a very beautiful atmosphere.

Outdoor setup with yellow lights and stage decorations full of flowers are used in a white, red, and green shade.  The bride and groom entered the stage.  Their family lighted the lamps, cut the cake, played songs, and children dance making those moments blessed.  Wedding photographers in Thrissur capture the couple’s romantic look photoshoots from various angles, attachment, fun, and love pictures with family members in a very elegant and extraordinary way.

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