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Dr. Avinash and Anagha are a lovely couple.  We introduce their wedding news to the audience.  Dr. Avinash from Thrissur. ln, the groom’s family, and the father, Dr.  Aravindan Vallachira.  He is a film critic and author who has authored 23 books on film.  It has won 20 awards, including the National and Kerala State Film Awards. And mother and siblings.  The bride is Anagha from Palakkad.  Her family consists of a father, mother, and siblings.  Palakkad Hindu wedding photographers captured every moment of their happy family on camera.

Every picture and video was taken by Palakkad wedding photographers was excellent. The video started in a black and white style. Like a journey through the homes of the bride and groom. It featured all the awards the groom’s father had received. Every shot is so beautiful. The solo introduction of the bride and groom and the occasional listening to what they had to say made the video captivating.


The stars in the frame will be the beautiful bride wearing a red sari and gold jewelry and the groom in a gold kurta wearing a mundu. Their sincere smiles bring joy to life.  The couple got married at the Udaya Ayurveda Resort in Palakkad.  The bride’s family handed over the bouquets and greeted the groom.  The hall is adorned with lamps, a statue of God, and flowers.  It adds color to all kinds of pictures. Talking Pictures Wedding photographers are very good at it.

Amidst the joy and excitement of family, friends, and relatives, the groom placed a thali around the bride’s neck.  Flowers, applause, and mantras were given to it.  All the ceremonies were performed according to Hindu custom.  Everything was captured on camera without leaving anything.

Wedding Photography

Interesting conversations with friends and relatives, and happy smiles further enlivened the event and the pictures. Wedding photographers in Palakkad capture every moment with the romantic looks, smiles, and facial expressions of the bride and groom with every click. Those are the important moments in their lives.

Wedding photographers have taken this video for more fun.  The audience likes it more.  They include all kinds of emotions . The whole video is enjoyable and memorable.

The bride was taken to the groom’s house and the family performed the ceremony.  Holding the chandelier, the bride went home with her right foot.  The family received the bride and groom.  Those frames with the happy family were very special.

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