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Keerthi and Vivek get hitched with in an exceedingly stunning Hindhu Kochi wedding.

Kerala Hindhu wedding area unit recognize for the fast nature. It starts and ends in a very heartbeat. But what happens in those between moments area unit what we tend to like to document Kerala kochi hindhu weddings create us nostalgic.
We’re pretty positive that there’s a proverb that goes “When you meet the proper person, nothing else matters”. You don’t consider checklists, cities, distance or the other issue after you recognize it’s right. And for Keerthi and Vivek , it had been therefore right!
Vivek ne’er believed in checklists, however he did believe destiny and fate.  And meeting Keerthi was his fate, he believes. From the terribly 1st meet, he was bowled over! For Keerthi, having a partner .  She loved that he created her his priority since day one.
While Vivek’s friends excited him for his late night conversations together with her, Kerthi’s friends were joyous that she found her good partner. And we’re not one to exaggerate, however we tend to might see the love and adoration that they had for every different. Her vivaciousness and his reserved however extraordinarily heat nature created for an outstanding combination.
Their families were joyous that they selected each other.  What followed was an attractive celebration of their union with their nearest family and friends. That they had a fun mehendi event with several games and a super-entertaining tug-of-war. On their sangeet night, it had been a gorgeous a stunning pretty an exquisite an attractive a fine looking a good looking three-day celebration of their love and that we loved shooting equally of it! Vivek was a dashing groom whereas Keerthi created for the foremost gorgeous bride!
Watch Keerthi and Vivek vow to like one another for the remainder of their lives.
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