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Traditional and Trendy Wedding Engagement Story

An engagement where we can see a beautiful blend of both tradition and trend. The beautiful and gorgeous bride Anu and the strong  and determined groom Dillu. The day Dillu and Anu promise each other to be together forever, a promise made for the lifetime. A very happy couple who should be said made for each other and soul mates. We had two different vibes for the shoot; one was the traditional Kerala engagement style, only few closed one’s were present there. The traditional ceremony starts at the bride’s place where everyone is wearing Kerala traditional attire, saree, dothi and shirt. The whole house being filled with flowers and subtle fragrance. The rings were exchanged in the presence of close and loved one’s. Its was one of the desire of our bride’s mother to have the engagement function at their home and the rings to be exchanged in the presence of the loved. Anu was wearing traditional kerala set saree and dillu came up with long kurtha and dothi. Both seemed to be really happy and were a beautiful couple together. One thing that highlighted during the function is Anu’s smile and blush when she saw Dillu. you can see the traditional style of Kerala engagement during the first few minutes of the video.

wedding engagement- traditional and trending
Then for the next we can see the couple in entirely different attire.  The traditional look of theirs was transformed in to a real funky one. The family and friends were having a blast. A mesmerizing view in the function  is the entry of the couple to the platform. They were welcomed with wonderful dance movement, even the couple were dancing along with them having and spreading joy. Couple’s were lead by the punjabi dhol. The dhol was entertaining because the groom too danced along. Bride too is giving a tough competition to the groom by doing dance numbers with her maids. Even the family members and kids too joined in the dance moves in exaggerated the joy in it. The way the rings to be exchanges brought to the stage was an extraordinary view , that we have never seen anything like this. The rings was brought in a box having golden colour decorations, from the overview the box looked like an “Aamada petti” – A kind of a box which has carvings and decorated with gold, this box was used to store ornaments of high cast women in ancient periods. Two boys dressed like Thamburan brought them to the stage for the ceremony. All together the evening was filled with entertainment and lovely smiles all over. The evening ended with leaving  a memory to be cherished for a lifetime. TalkingPictures felt so proud to be capturing those moments
wedding engagement- traditional and trending


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